Her Royal Highness

Rachel Hawkins’ companion novel sequel to Prince Charming focuses on Millie Quint, a smart girl from Texas with high aspirations of going to a famous boarding school in Scotland as it opens its doors to girls for the first time in its history. And in a not so surprising twist, she gets in.

When Millie arrives in Scotland, she is taken away by the beauty of the land, the strange (almost indecipherable) accents, and is blown away by the school – a gorgeous stone building akin to a castle and the furthest thing from Texas. At first, everything seems perfect, and then Millie meets her roommate. Rude, arrogant, and doesn’t even give Millie a chance to introduce herself. Turns out that this Mean Girls™ roommate is none other than Princess Flora of Scotland.

Princess status is full effect, Millie and Flora do NOT get along, in fact in seems like Flora is trying to get Millie out of her way by any means necessary. But eventually every hardshell has to crack and when Flora’s cracks, Millie is there to help.

I. Love. Queer. Stories. I also really love queer stories that are pure rom-com style YA contemporary romance trope. Why? Because we deserve to have these fun stories! Yes there’s the normal battle of acceptance, but that’s not the point of the story. This is like any other YA romance, and that makes it even more important. The best part is that this is actually an amazingly cute story and it had me cheesin’ the whole time. I loved it and read it in a day because I couldn’t put it down.

Millie and Flora’s dynamic is the ever so great enemies to lovers and you can easily believe that these two have a hard time getting along with each other at first. However, as their relationship grows, you understand all these wonderful additional traits of these girls and it’s so sweet and endearing.

Rachel Hawkins, thank you for giving me this story. All other authors: please give me more cute, trope-y, YA queer romances!!

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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