The Guinevere Deception

Never has a book made me realize I don’t know something like this book has. Or I guess I should say don’t know something fictional because WOW I really did not know the whole tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. I really just know it from other books where kids time travel and mess with the original story (Magic Treehouse and Time Warp Trio). On the whole, I think if you know it, this book may lose some of the surprise that it has going for it.

Personally, I’m obsessed. I want the next book Right Meow and I’m a little annoyed that I won’t even begin to get my hands on it until later next year… I’m impatient.

It took me a little bit to get into the story, I’m not sure if it was where we were dropped into the story, the character names, or the narration, but something was holding me back for the first couple chapters. But once I got to chapter 3, I started getting really hooked into the story.

I love the character relationships! Guinevere and Brangien, just the best friendship! Two women working in Camelot both hiding secrets, both desperately trying to achieve something without other people knowing. Guinevere and Arthur, complicated but intriguing. They don’t know each other and yet they’re married! Guinevere is honest with Arthur like she isn’t with other people and at the same time, is still hiding so much from him. Guinevere and Modred…. I was really into that. In fact so interested that 90% of the things I highlighted had to do with him… I’m not sure what this says about me but oh well. If you know the story of King Arthur, this is where you’re gonna look at me and squint. All I’m going to say in response is: read the book.

I’m very interested in seeing where this goes. There’s queer characters, magic, and mystery and that’s really all I could ever ask for. Kiersten White did a really great job layering the pieces of this story. It allowed for a natural build up of mystery and intrigue while still answering enough questions to keep the reading engaged. And did I say queer? Because yeah, this book is pretty gay once you get into it and all I can predict is that the next books are gonna be even gayer and I can’t wait.

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