American Royals

I have been on the fence about this book since I saw it. It felt like something I would enjoy, but I was hesitant about how the story would be told and what the story was. This was my first Katharine McGee book and I can tell why people have loved her previous books, the writing is addictive and fun and keeps you engaged. On the whole, this book was fun, funny, and intriguing.

This book has multiple perspectives, I could have lived with just the siblings instead you didn’t get one of the royals, but their ex-girlfriend, and you get another one’s best friend. I liked the best friend’s pov, Nina has two moms, is a “normal” citizen, and has a crush on the Prince of America. Relatable and the easiest connection point with the story. You also get Princess Beatrice and Princess Samantha’s perspectives and while I liked them, I didn’t find them very compelling. I related to Beatrice, but also felt like her personality and her actions didn’t always match up.

Essentially this book is about the Royal family of America, a quick snap shot of maybe a few months of their family drama. And when I say drama, I mean drama. There was so much unnecessary drama that I felt bogged down this book. It could have been just as successful, if not more so, without the ex-girlfriend and that whole storyline. You’re telling me that she’s the only would who could have made that happen? (Sorry for vagueness, I’m trying to avoid spoilers). I also can’t remember her name. I think it was Daphne. But that’s also my cat’s name so… *shrug*

I’m not gonna continue on with this series only because I don’t really care about what happens with these characters. I wish them the best, but I don’t see myself ever seeking out the conclusion of their story. This book has the “there’s only one bed!” trope and I still didn’t love it… I’m sad.

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