Most Ardently

A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice following Elisa Benitez and her four sisters as they navigate their mother’s wishes for them to marry rich, school, and for Elisa especially: the incredibly rude and irritating classmate: Darcy Fitzgerald.

A big thanks to Entangled Publishing for letting me read this in advance in return for an honest review!

This book is a not so subtle nod to the amazing Austen book and the fantastic 2005 movie, and if you’re a fan of either, you will absolutely adore this. You fall in love with Elisa and Julieta and the rest of the Benitez family just like you do in the original novel only this time you get to see how they’d act in 2019.

Things going for this novel: it’s queer (you may think I’m a broken record on this but I really don’t care haha), it’s majorly diverse, our leading lady is plus sized. Things that didn’t work as well: It really was a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. The author, Susan Mesler-Evans, acknowledges so in the acknowledgements, but I think that how similar it is will turn some people off. I know it meant I didn’t push as hard to read it because I knew what was going to happen even if I didn’t know how she was going to write it.

I will say, I really liked what they did with Mr. Wickham. I think for the story and staying true to a modern translation when keeping things as same as possible, it made a lot of sense and also made it even easier to despise Wick.

I think if you love Pride and Prejudice and if you’ve been looking for a cozy romcom, pick up Most Ardently and thank yourself for the good life decision.

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