She Was The Quiet One

One setting trope that I really love is boarding schools. I know I’m not alone in this considering how many books are published with this. This was actually one of a couple thrillers that I read this year that took place at a boarding school (so keep an eye out for those posts), but this book seems to be less talked about and I want to change that.

Rose and Bel are twin sisters. Their parents have just died and now their grandmother is in charge of them and the first thing she does is send them to a prestigious private school called Odell Academy. For Rose, the quieter, more studies focused sister, this is the best shot she has at being the best she can be. For Bel, who is taking the death of her mother incredibly hard, she finds an opportunity to rebel, and be cool.

All the while, someone has been murdered and we don’t know who or who did it.

Additionally, Sarah and Heath Donovan work at Odell Academy and both become personally invested and involved in the lives of Rose and Bel, respectively. These relationships seem to be good, but could there be something more sinister lurking behind this seemingly perfect couple?

The pacing of this story is pretty great. There’s never a moment where you’re not learning something relevant to the plot and the character arcs. I’ve noticed someone point out that this sounds very young adult and while I don’t disagree, I think that one reason it isn’t is because the adults have their own perspectives, and drive quite a bit of the story.

Also, one of my favorite parts about the guessing game that is the title is that it can go four different ways depending on how you interpret it and that’s amazing. This is a good thriller to add to the list if you’re into domestic thrillers. I mean, I like domestic thrillers so it’s what I’m reading haha.

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