Undead Girl Gang

Let’s start spooky season off with a bang and talk about one of my favorite books, Undead Girl Gang. This was my first Lily Anderson book and I read it in one day. I actually read it on one of my favorite days of my life so like… this is serious love.

This is a paranormal, witchy young adult contemporary about a girl named Mila whose best friend has reportedly just committed suicide shortly after two other classmates had committed suicide. But Mila can’t believe that Riley killed herself so she does the only logical thing there is to do: she casts a spell to bring her friend back from the dead.

I was laughing out loud on a train across England while reading this book. I was a grinning loon because I was so happy. Mila is such a wonderful main character. She’s relatable, funny, the perfect balance of confident and insecure. Her relationship with Riley is so true to so many female friendships, and even ones I’ve experienced. There is so much about this book to love and you can bet that I am going to be rereading it this October. I miss these characters and this story to the point that I’m willing to reread a mystery.

Please read this if only to show the love for the witches in your life, you know there’s a few haha.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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