Permanent Record

This was a great little peak into what it’s like to be a young adult, totally in over your head with being an Adult and falling in love while feeling like you don’t deserve any of it. Pablo’s story is all too relatable. Not knowing what you want to do with the Rest Of Your Life, feeling like a failure when asking for help or advice or just admitting what’s going on in your brain, and the eagerness to please people you like so that they’ll never leave you.

I think we’re to assume that Pablo has an anxiety disorder, and I think that’s right. The ice, the rubber band, the way he bounces his foot and makes Mrs. Kim worried… it’s all very anxiety. I loved that representation and felt that it could even have been addressed more later on in the book as a partial reason to other things he did. I’m trying to be vague to avoid spoilers lol.

Truly, I think there is no sophomore slump for Choi, this book was even better than her first. The writing was super easy to digest, the dialogue was so refreshingly twenties American that I was laughing just at the accuracy of it. I felt Pab’s dread at being a young person in this America and I Really Felt his mom’s opinion on the country. Hard.

I think this book may have been sold as a story about a guy dating a famous woman and I think that that was maybe the wrong way to go, as though that is part of the story and definitely a catalyst for a lot of it, I think this was mostly about a young man learning how to find himself while also randomly dating a famous woman.

Go read this book if anything for how funny and all too relatable it is. It may even give you the push to do something about your life.

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