Hello friends, it’s spooky season!!!! Are you excited? Because I totally am. And for this spooky season, I want to do a focus on witchy reads for the next month. Don’t worry, there will be other reviews around, romance, contemporary, fantasy… but the focus is going to be on the witchy novels.

There will be standalones, series, short books, long books, YA, New Adult, hard hitting, and fluffy. So get your cats, candles, spell books, and crystals because we about to get witchy.

Also, starting October 1st, the novels that are reviewed will fall more into the thriller, mystery, horror, monster genre. Think Ruth Ware, Stephen King, and Victoria Schwab. It will be a mix of newer releases and older releases only because I have a day job and unfortunately cannot read as many new releases as I want.

Please feel free to leave recommendations in the comments! I really want to review books that you’re into, interested in, or just want my opinion on. Anything spooky or witchy is fair game.

Happy Spooky Season!

Published by keelinrita

A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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