Heartstopper Vol. 2

It is time, the continuation of Heartstopper. I picked this up when I was in London with my mom and read it the same night. Let me tell you, Charlie and Nick are still just as cute as ever and this volume was even better because it discussed the confusion and uncertainty around labeling your sexual identity.

This was hard hitting in a different way than the first volume (still primarily fluffy as all get out), instead of it being about controlling/abusive relationships, it was about the discovery of your person and how you should label yourself (if you so choose) and who to share that information with. As a queer person myself, I can tell you that that label conversation can be ongoing and in flux at anytime so this inner turmoil that Nick was experiencing was very relatable.

Like the first volume, I highly recommend this story and will tell you that not only can you buy it, but you can rent it from your local library or read it online for free so really there is nothing stopping you from enjoying these two cute goobers living their wonderful lives.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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