Girls On The Verge

This book takes a serious topic head on and does not let you get away with ignorance. This book is so short and so to the point that you would think there’s no character development, but there is. There is a complex weave of emotions, beliefs, morals, hopes and dreams, societal expectations, and self preservation. This book is powerful in its boldness and sincerity.

Camille lives in Texas, a state devoted to the idea of no sex before marriage (if you’re a girl) and that does not allow women to have abortions and has removed clinics from the state. So when Camille finds out she’s pregnant, she must go on an exhausting road trip with her friends to try and find a way to own her body.

Sharon Biggs Waller uses dual timeline storytelling to let you glimpse into what happened that got this car full of girls where they are now. How facts unfold is near perfect, the emotion of them hitting you hard each time. I’m not surprised at the amount of people who have said this book made them cry because wow.

Waller created three very different women and allowed each of them to be flawed, valid, and imperfect friends and people. That alone is amazing. Their naturally existing conflicts coexisting with their love for their friend is so real and so genuine. You feel for them because you know their stories, you know them, heck, you may even be them.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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