Tunnel Of Bones

In the second installment to Victoria Schwab’s middle grade series about Cassidy Blake, we are taken to Paris, a place full of beauty, history, and ghosts. This story was just as eery and chilling as the first, though I will admit I liked the first book just a tad better.

Cass and her parents head to Paris where they go to Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and of course, the Catacombs. Alongside her best ghost friend forever Jacob, Cassidy must solve the mystery of a poltergeist and save Paris from mischievous destruction.

I liked the Paris setting a lot, could have done with even more immersion though. One of my favorite things about City of Bones was how much you knew you were in Scotland. I got that we were in Paris, but I think because Schwab lives in Scotland, that one read a little more alive than Paris, Still for a middle grade, this book series is scary and creepy in the best way.

I’m a big fan of Victoria Schwab, and I love most of her books. I will say that this series is very reminiscent of The Archived to the point that I preferred this so much that I didn’t finish The Archived and chose instead to focus on this series. I don’t know what that says other than this series is more than just a kid’s series.

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