So Blake Crouch is in this really niche genre of fiction that I like to call Contemporary Sci-Fi. It sounds counterintuitive and I agree but if you read any of his books, I think it’ll make sense.

This is my second Blake Crouch book and wow I’m so here for whatever he writes next (I’ve heard his back catalog isn’t exactly the best excluding the Wayward Pines trilogy which I DO want to read).

This book specifically is about a Detective and a Scientist who try to save the world from complete and total destruction…. by time travel.

This book gave me serious First Fifteen Lives of Harry August vibes and I love that book. Like I really love that book and personally I think Crouch and Claire North write in the same genre, which might be why I enjoy both of their books. If you like suspense with a “what if?” twist that explores the ideas of getting to do your life over again or change a decision you made or stop something from happening, then you will love Recursion like I did.

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