Forever, Interrupted

Taylor Jenkins Reid has written two books that I love so I figured I would go read some of her older books, and what better place to start than the beginning? Forever, Interrupted has a lot of heart and emotion and doesn’t let you rest the entire time.

From the first chapter, you realize this isn’t going to be a happy read. It’s a hard read. A well written hard read that doesn’t leave a lot to question and that could make you think that this book is boring or predictable…. but it’s not. Reid is so good at writing compelling, real, women with complex beliefs and behaviors that the story feels refreshing and uncertain.

This isn’t my favorite of her books, no, I’m not gonna lie. But I really did love the structure of this story and how it was structured – present, past, present, past – made my heart ache even more. The emotion, the feeling, was always right there on the page, gripping you, forcing you to acknowledge everything that comes with life and with love, the good bits and the bad bits.

I still recommend this book. If you’re not in the right place for a sad read, then don’t read this, but if that’s what you like, or need a little catharsis, then look no further.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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