The Pearl Thief

Historical fiction is, in fact, a favorite genre of mine. I am however incredibly picky about the narratives I like. Elizabeth Wein is one of the few authors that I have yet to find problems with. That seems way more negative than I mean, basically, she does historical fiction really solidly.

The Pearl Thief is a prequel to Code Name Verity, a very famous and popular book that I also loved and adored (review to come? maybe? I’ve been thinking about re-reading it…). It focuses on Julie and her life in Scotland and a missing person, a death, missing pearls that maybe never existed in the first place, and discrimination. Wein does a fantastic job of weaving in points and comparisons to make the reader question their stances that they may be carrying and also allow characters room to grow as people, letting the audience know there is also room for them to learn and grow.

Things I loved about this: The Scottish Accents. Aye, I do love me a Scottish accent that’s for sure. Feminist. Oh yes, you better believe this book is feminist. It shows a growth as well as any existing beliefs which I think is just as if not more important. Queer Ladies. Things authors have been doing lately is including queer characters without really understanding the nuance of it and you can tell. It’s thrown in there to appease upset readers but has no real significance to the story or character. That’s not the case here. It’s handled so gently and beautifully, and innocently that it makes me think back to my young queer days and feel seen and valid.

So thanks.

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