Prince Charming

Aka Royals by Rachel Hawkins and I continue my quest to read as many fluffy romances to satisfy my seventh house Pisces placement.

Basically I’m a hopeless romantic.

Daisy is a teen in Florida whose life is pretty normal. She goes to prom, works at a grocery store, has a best friend. She also has an older sister who’s engaged to the Prince of Scotland. So.. maybe not so normal. But when she has to spend her summer in Scotland with her sister and the royal family, things get out of hand, but she also finds a chance at a royal romance.

I really loved Rachel Hawkins’ other book, Her Royal Highness (review to come) and since they are in the same universe but not direct sequels, I read the queer one first. What a surprise. But true to form, the writing and characters in this one were just as sweet, fun, and charming (wink wink) as the companion novel.

Daisy is a very relatable narrator, she is skeptical and willing to have fun. She has opinions and isn’t consistent with changing them. She has faults and acknowledges them. How flipping refreshing. Listen, it’s an easy YA romance, enjoy it. I hope that Rachel comes out with more books either in this world, or similar to these because I think she has a great talent for these types of stories.

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