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When the CEO of their company dies, the women of Truviv worry that someone who does not belong in a position of supreme power, will get it.

This story by Chandler Baker has multiple characters telling the narrative along with splices of police interviews talking about someone’s death á la Big Little Lies. The multiple perspectives add a wonderful depth to the narrative, allowing you to get turned around and find out little pieces her and there to try and solve the puzzle for yourself.

This story… drags a bit, but not in the worst way. I think that it makes many wonderful points about being a woman in the workplace, being a minority in a workplace, being a custodian in a workplace, but it also lacks in understanding white feminism versus proper intersectional feminism. I noticed this particularly with Sloane, our main character. Overall the story does interesting things, but I don’t think the story structure is wholly original. Really the good thing about this, like a friend said, is that it’s cathartic. You get to read someone venting about things that you also wish to vent about. It’s basically an author validating all of your workplace sexist issues and fears and going, ‘yeah no this happens everywhere to everyone. Sorry fam.’

I recommend this for sure, definitely for workplace book clubs hahaha.

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A Chicago girl with a lot of feelings about fictional people.

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